MVITA Open Women’s/ Men’s/ Mixed TRIOS 4 Game tournament


MVITA Open Women's/ Men's/ Mixed TRIOS 4 Game tournament

  • MVITA Open Women's/ Men's/ Mixed TRIOS ( 3 person teams) 4 Game tournament Rules 1. Entries will be open to all bowlers who are current sanctioned members of the Canadian Tenpin Federation on Vancouver Island. 2. Youth Participation by a youth bowling in an adult league will be permitted but the minimum age for youth entrants will be 15 years. 3. This Tournament shall be in single class, handicap of 90% of 230. 4. Average for entry will be as follows: (a) Highest year-end 2016/2017 sanctioned average based on a minimum of 21 games; if not applicable then (b) b) 15 games as of February 25, 2018; if not applicable then (c) c) All others will bowl scratch d) Youth bowlers will use their highest average based on the above and specify whether from youth or adult league. 5. Rule 316- no fees returned. 6. Rule 319.(a) 2 & 3 will apply ( 10 pins or more higher than the previous season's average). ( Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own average whether submitted by the bowler or other). 7. Rules 319 (c) in effect. 8. Rule 319 (d) & (e) are waived. 9. Prize ratio shall be 1:5 ( or major fraction there of) for team. 10. Telephone reservations will be permitted. Cheques/ Money Orders are to be made payable to MID VANCOUVER ISLAND TENPIN ASSOCIATION (MVITA)There will be a service charge of $25.00 on any NSF cheque. No entry will be accepted unless they are submitted with all names and averages included. 11. Captains are responsible for submitting entry fees and forms. The line - up on the entry form will be the line - up for bowling. 12. Check - in time is 30 minutes before shift times. All members must be present at check - in time. CTF cards must be presented at entry. 13. Substitutes are allowed where necessary. The Tournament Manager must be advised at least one hour before bowling time. In case of disability, a substitute shall be allowed after a game has started in the team only. If no substitute is available, only the actual score for the frames already bowled will count. 14. Multiple participation will be allowed in team. Teams must change one (1) bowler in their lineup. 15. Clean suitable attire must be worn while bowling. Ripped clothing, sleeveless tops, low - cut shirts and bare midriffs, shorts/shorts ( if hem of the attire does not reach below fingertips at side length) are NOT considered proper attire. The Tournament Manager may request that any bowler wearing unsuitable attire change their clothing prior to being allowed to bowl the event. 17. Bowlers shall have their own bowling ball to use for each shift. 18. While consumption of alcohol will be permitted, bowlers whose behavior disrupts the bowling and / or enjoyment of others bowlers will not be tolerated. The display of such behavior may result in the bowler's disqualification from the tournament. 19. The decision of the Tournament Managers/ Committee shall be final unless an appeal is made in accordance with Rule 329. All other CIF tournament rules shall apply. GOOD BOWLING AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION!! MID VANCOUVER ISLAND TENPIN ASSOCIATION
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The Tournament shall consist of doubles and singles events. Doubles may consist of one man and one woman, two men, or two women. In no case will the same doubles partners be permitted to qualify for prizes more than once. Singles event may be entered more than once but bowler may CASH ONLY ONCE.

Total pins plus handicap shall determine the winner of each group – Handicap is based on 100% of 230 (per bowler)
– Doubles will bowl in the average age category of the two bowlers.

(a) New this year Bowlers shall use their 2016-2017 year end sanctioned average based on a minimum of 21 games. Winter averages are no longer recognized.
b) If no year-end sanctioned average, bowlers may use their current sanctioned average for 12 or more games at time of participation. All other bowlers will bowl scratch.
5. Entries will be accepted up to one hour before squad time providing lanes are available. There will be a maximum of three bowlers per lane.
6. Entrants from other associations must have their averages verified by their League or Association Secretary/Manager prior to entry. ENTRY FORMS WITH ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO BOWLING.
7. Rules 319 (a) 2 & 3 will apply ( 10pins or more higher than the previous season’s average). (Bowlers are responsible for verifying their own averages whether submitted by the bowler or others).
8. Rule 319 (d) & (e) are waived.
9. Tournament manager or local association has the authority to adjust a bowler’s average upwards if deemed necessary. (319c)
10. Prize ratio will be 1 in 5, or major fraction there of. Prize money will be distributed within 30 days of closing of the tournament.
11. No fees shall be refunded after entries have been received. Entry fees sent by mail must be paid by cheque made out to Mid Vancouver Island Tenpin Association (MVITA). There will be a $25.00 charge for NSF cheques.
12. A bowler arriving after the start of the game will be allowed to start in the frame currently being bowled. No score will be given for those frames missed.
13. The Tournament Manager/ Committee shall decide any questions or protests not covered by these tournament rules. The Canadian Tenpin Federation Rule Books will govern any rules not covered herein.

Good Bowling and Thank you for your participation!!
Mid Vancouver Island Tenpin Association
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